Thanks for your interest in Dígame! We have good news and not so bad news.

Not so bad:  We've closed our physical location. 

Good:  We're converting the page into a language-learning resource,
with links to our favorite sites, and a lesson or two of our own.

If you would like to be notified when it's ready, please email us.

Welcome to Dígame Language Instruction, a private, student-focused
language learning center offering Spanish and French (parfois !) classes for adults. We combine a friendly, safe atmosphere with serious learning goals.

Dígame's highly-trained teachers and small class size—no more than 6—guarantee you'll get the maximum language benefit for your investment.

If you're as serious about learning as we are about languages and teaching, your search for the right language school is over. Come join us, at Dígame.


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